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Uma Exploração de Comunidades Sustentáveis na América Latina.

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Solar Panels

The Solar System powers our Cine Solar, website management, camera charging and daily tasks.


Bike Machines
Washing Machine and Blender

Constructed almost entirely from scrap materials our bike machines use a truly renewable energy "pedal power" to wash clothes and prepare food!

Propane Fuel

Burns lighter than gasoline or diesel releasing ZERO heavy particles and 20% less carbon in the air. While not a truly sustainable fuel helps us it alows us to make the trip with a smaller footprint.

with a Dry Toilet we:

  • - Save Water
  • - Don't Pollute
  • - Feed the Soil
  • - Teach through example


Solar Oven

Our Solar Oven cooks with the light of the SUN, at a slow speed which brings out the true flavors. Zero contamination, and we keep Minhoca cooler during sunny days!


In addition to our renewable energy including solar power, Bike-Machines and solar oven, and taking resposibility for our sanitation with the dry toilet, we bring sustainability into our daily lives with a number of practices that have ripple effects on our lives and the communities around us:

  • Leave No Trace: Organic Waste and Recycling

Dealing with waste as travelers is crucial, as most Latin American countries have very inadequate waste processing. We set aside all of our organic waste to contribute to local compost systems when we can, or else return the organic material directly to the Earth.

We seek out recycling centers whenever we can. All non-recyclable materials are compacted into plastic bottles, forming 'eco-bricks' that can be used in cob and adobe construction projects in local communities.

We use all biodegradable cleaning and personal care products, nontoxic for us and for local ecosystems and water ways.

  • Organic Products and Local Production

We always make a huge effort to seek out local and organic food products everywhere we go, trading with local producers, buying (or trading) at organic farmer's markets,  supporting local economies and small-scale organic farmers.

  • Solidarity Economy

We are exploring and promoting the possibilities of solidarity economy during the trip. The main way is through trading goods and services directly without exchanging money, which we observe creates a feeling of abundance for both parties. We also use sliding scale for our events, apply the principle of the Gift Economy in diverse situations, and participate in local currencies when possible. The most important aspect is to be open to make everyone's dream possible, cultivating the culture of 'Win-Win' instead of 'Win-Lose.' These practices help us learn how to practice new more resilient forms of economy based on trust and abundance.

  • Food and Medicine: Our Food is our Medicine!

Eating healthily is key for our own health and for the health of our Earth, and it's also delicious! Since we travel with a well-equipped kitchen (including our solar oven), we are very self-sufficient in our food processing. We cook and also eat a lot of raw food. We grow our own sprouts for salads, green juice and smoothies, and make our own yoghurt, granola, breads and cookies with whole flours. We dehydrate to preserve some fruits and veggies, and  ferment many foods including vinegar, sauerkraut, kimchi, chutneys and preserves, and chicha (a traditional fermented drink from Latin America, see video-recipe here).

We are also learning about natural medicine, using plant based remedies like teas, balms and tinctures. We have even experimented in making our own medicinal tinctures, following the teachings of Grandmother Joaquina from Oaxaca, see this video.

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Solar Panels Solar Panels
A Full Compost Bucket A Full Compost Bucket
Minhoca! Minhoca!
Darlene! Bike Powered Blender Darlene! Bike Powered Blender
Burbuja! Bike Powered Washing Machine Burbuja! Bike Powered Washing Machine
Minhoca! Minhoca!
Sprouts! Sprouts!
Dry Toilet! Dry Toilet!
Organic Farmers' Market Organic Farmers' Market
Minhoca and Leti! Minhoca and Leti!
Solar Oven Solar Oven
Baking Cake with the Solar Oven Baking Cake with the Solar Oven
Fermented Foods Fermented Foods
Ryan washing clothes and studying Permaculture at the same time! Ryan washing clothes and studying Permaculture at the same time!
Kombucha! Kombucha!
Dried Fruits Dried Fruits
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