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Help Común Tierra get to South America!

Posted on November, 06 2011


We have arrived at a crucial and symbolic moment of our journey, crossing from Central to South America! One of the most important moments of the trip, it is also one of the most difficult and expensive. In short, we need to raise 5,000 dollars by November 26 to be able to make it to South America!


That’s a lot of money, but as they say: many hands make light work… if everyone in our Facebook group made a 5 dollar donation, we would have 5,000 dollars!


And for your donation, large or small, you can receive anything from a DVD of Común Tierra shorts to an all-inclusive visit to Común Tierra in the country of your choice!

Check out the campaign page here:

Please spread the word to your friends and networks, and consider making a donation to support grassroots sustainability in Latin America!

Thank you and blessings from the road… Ryan and Leti



  • JULIO CESAR FARIAS MEDEIROS, dia Posted on November, 09 2011

    Letícia e Ryan Quero expressar minha admiração pelo lindo trabalho que vocês. Tenho certeza que irão alcançar seus objetivos, porque o que vocês se dispuseram a fazer, de forma totalmente idealista, precisa de reconhecimento e apoio. Grande abraço do primo Julio Medeiros

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