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Común Tierra and Canto al Água!

Posted on March, 15 2012

Water, source of life, the mother who gives us everything and teaches so much, we need you so much, and care for you so little... Water, symbol of receptivity and life, is perhaps the element that most needs our love and support in a world of so much devastation, pollution and waste.

We want to share with you a beautiful movement happening in Colombia to honor and resonate with Water, every year on March 22. On World Water Day, for the third year, Canto al Agua or Sing to the Waters ( will be taking place. Canto al Agua is a movement of spiritual and environmental activism, aiming to connect to and heal the waters of the world through a simultaneous prayer resonating throughout Colombia and the world, and to bring attention to the importance of taking better care of our precious waters.

The event, founded by Colombian musicians Hector Buitrago and Catherine Salguero, emerged as an attempt to raise consciousness of current water issues, and has grown rapidly: this year Canto al Agua will take place in over 30 locations in Colombia and also in several other countries. The events central action is the simultaneous chanting of the mantra AAAAAAA (12:00 pm in Colombia) at a natural water source. During these 15 minutes the idea is to send our prayers for the healing and cleansing of the Earth’s waters, and meditate on this universal sound of Water, that is also related to many of the gods and goddesses in the world!

Común Tierra is currently in the Quindío region of Colombia, and we are organizing a local synchronization point, with our friends the Biciclando Project. Our event will held riverside on the Boquía river with the following schedule:

11:00 Meeting at the Boquía bridge
11:30 Altar Installation and Delivery of offerings to Water
12-12:15 Intonation of the Mantra
12:30 Sending offerings down the river, with songs for Oshun and the river
13:00 Music, Juggling and the sharing of fruits and snacks

If you are in the region, join us! We ask that you bring fruits to share, an offering to the water, and your prayers. If you are in another country, you can easily participate and make your own action for Canto al Agua, in your backyard, town or city. You can find all the information you need at this link.

Our prayers are powerful, and as we are over 70 percent water, and entirely dependent on water, all efforts to heal our waters are ultimately also for our own healing.

Here’s a video about the event produced by our friends at the EarthCode project and Urantia TV! (in spanish)



We hope to see and feel your reflection in the river next Thursday!

Leti and Ryan

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