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News from Colombia!

Posted on March, 23 2012
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Constructions at Varsana Constructions at Varsana
Palomino... Palomino...
Singing to the plants in Aldea Feliz Singing to the plants in Aldea Feliz
Harvesting in Granja Altamira... Harvesting in Granja Altamira...
Ryan (and our friend Lucile) in Palomino, enjoying the smell of the roasting organic cafe Ryan (and our friend Lucile) in Palomino, enjoying the smell of the roasting organic cafe
Inside of a cave in Nabusimake Inside of a cave in Nabusimake
Taganga, Santa Marta Taganga, Santa Marta
Taganga, Santa Marta Taganga, Santa Marta

How's it going friends?

We are very well, feeling inspired by Colombia, this beautiful and intense country! We have been involved with so many things since the last post, it doesn’t all fit here, but here’s a quick summary:

A couple of weeks of negotiation with the DIAN (Colombian Customs) for a renewed permission for Minhoca to travel in the country

A visit with our friend Felipe, who we met living at the Esalen community ( in California. We also hung out with Natalia Abelo, another dear friend from there also.


We visited the Caribbean Coast and the Sierra Nevada, and soaked in the ancestral knowledge of two indigenous groups, the Arhuacos and the Kogis

Above: Nabusimake, an Arhuaco Village

In a Kogi Village...


We've held several demonstrations of the Bike-machine...


A visit and workshop with EcoAldea Feliz...


A visit to Organic Farm Altamira...


A LOT OF seed exchanges...


And finally, most recently, our re-arrival in the Quindío region, where we have visited Pachamama Ecovillage, and hosted 2 events: Canto Al Agua March 22, and an Ecological Party at a local school in collaboration with our friends from Biciclando and the Tukay Foundation (we will write more soon). This week we are super busy with lots of visits in the area, and then we ride south toward the Universal Dance Peace Training in Atlantida Ecovillage... 

Add to that the edition of new videos (coming soon!), new audio projects (also coming soon!) and the traveling life, and there is lots going on, as always… we are trying to share as much of our learning as possible with you!

We will be bloggin more in depth about some of these events soon…!

Greetings from your ‘parces’ ☺ (as they say here in Colombia, meaning friends, partner)
Leti and Ryan


  • Letícia, dia Posted on September, 27 2012

    Thank you for the feedback! Gracias por el contacto! Enviamos mucho saludos de amor!

  • Micki Luckey, dia Posted on May, 11 2012

    What busy days traveling in beautiful places and working with so many good people- Comun Tierra is doing it in South America!!

  • alejandro barragan, dia Posted on March, 26 2012

    hola ryan y leti soy alejo el que les ayudo con las bicis en el colegio aca cerca a circasia recuerdan!! espero que tod ande super bien muchos exitos y me encanto conocerlos y conocer su causa por el medio ambiente que mas quisieramos que todo el mundo hiciera algo loco por nuestra tierra- saludos desde el quindio y welcome soon!!!

  • adriana sanchez, dia Posted on March, 26 2012


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