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Común Tierra at RIO+20!

Posted on June, 09 2012

Over a year ago when we heard about the Rio+20 events, we wanted to participate. But at that moment it did not seem so easy: Común Tierra is still far from arriving in Brazil with Minhoca (in two years we´ve made it from Mexico to Ecuador, and have several countries and hundreds of projects to visit before Brasil!) We were also aware that most of the world’s official environment conferences do not reach effective conclusions because the capitalist paradigm is incompatible with sustainability, and the participantes of these conferences are not interested in challenging capitalism.

But we also knew that being the largest Sustainability Conference in the world, the (both official and unoffical) events would gather thousands of people in the world who are seeking alternatives to regenerate our land and our lifestyles, and to draw major attention to these issues, which is a grand opportunity for grassroots sustainability movements.

For grassroots movement, this is a moment to come together and create better synergy as a movement, to organize and strategize. Común Tierra is part of CASA (Council for Sustainable Settlements in the Americas), which is a network that is emerging and generating an international organization uniting grassroots ecological movements throughout the Americas. CASA was founded during the First Latin American Ecovillage Gathering in January 2012 in Colombia, and we present for the shaping and birth of the concept.

CASA is a Latin American network affiliated with GEN, the Global EcoVillage Network, however it is expanding the network beyond the EcoVillage concept to include other groups of sustainability such as: Permaculture Centers, Eco-neighborhoods, Transition Towns, Eco Caravans (that’s where we fit in :) Cooperatives, Social Networks, etc. CASA’s scope embraces all groups working with ecology in local communities, and aims to support projects and amplify our strength as a movement.

We also know that in times of crisis, we also find many creative solutions, as seen in the many examples of small-scale grassroots projects we have found during this trip through Latin America. We believe these projects are models that should be learned from and multiplied in the world. We know we have an important role in propagating this information as much as we can. Participating in such big and public events gives a greater meaning to the work we do, and widens the circle of connections, allies, and impact.

It is a time to strengthen our networks, make contacts and solidify relationships that together are working towards solutions for our planet. That’s why we decided to make an effort to participate in RIO+20 and deepen our connections to the world’s social and environmental justice movements. And here we are.

We arrived in Rio de Janeiro two days ago, leaving our Minhoca in Ecuador to take a rest until we return. We have been happy to land here, reconnecting with dear friends and eating as much açai as we can! We are staying at the home of our dear friend Carol, and have already started preparing our materials for the events to come in the next weeks. Tomorrow, to get charged up with inspiration, we’ll be participating in a Dances of Universal Peace workshop, a practice we strongly connected to when we discovered it with our friends at the Atlantida Ecovillage.

We will be participating in many activities during RIO+20, mainly in the Peoples' Summit (the official space that brings together NGOs and social movements) and the Aldeia Nova Terra, the New Earth Village, which will host many side events. In these spaces we will be organizing activities as Común Tierra, participating in the international gatherings of CASA, and hosting the First ever Eco-Caravans Summit. (More about the Eco-Caravans in a coming post.)

In the next few days we will be posting more information about our activities and events (and some new videos) here on the website and in our facebook group. So much to do, today and always!


And another journey begins ...

Blessings from Rio de Janeiro,
Leti and Ryan


  • nando, dia Posted on June, 10 2012

    Exclente amigos!! Sigan adelante los apoyamos al 100 y avisenos que podemos hacer para ayudar- vivimos vicariamente por medio de su gira en sudamerica D

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