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Building our CASA! Creating a new sustainability network!

Posted on July, 04 2012
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Meeting between CASA and GEN Meeting between CASA and GEN
Working groups - Nova Terra Working groups - Nova Terra
Working groups - Nova Terra Working groups - Nova Terra

What's up family?

As we wrote in the last post, we were very involved at the People's Summit with the organization process of the network CASA (Council of Sustainable Settlements of the Americas). CASA is an emerging network that seeks to integrate and strengthen the movement for sustainable settlements in Latin America, and is connected to GEN (the Global Ecovillage Network).

CASA was created in Colombia during the Consejo de Visiones: Llamado de la Montaña 2012 (Vision Council: Call of the Mountain 2012), which was also the First Ibero-American EcoVillage Gathering. The proposal of CASA is to form the Ecovillage Network of Latin America, while also integrating other types of projects that are not necessarily EcoVillages, but are other forms of sustainable settlements.

The intention to integrate these areas is to strengthen our work towards sustainability and regeneration, facilitating the flow of information and support, enabling greater recognition for real-life models and creating a political platform for our projects, giving more form to the grassroots sustainability movement in Latin America.

The network embraces 5 types of projects: Ecovillages and Intentional Communities, Ecobarrios and Transition Towns, Permaculture Projects, Eco Caravans, and Cooperatives / NGOs / local networks. These 5 petals are unified by the CASA network, which is present as local and national networks in each country (for example CASA Brazil, CASA Colombia, etc). CASA Continental, the international council, then connects to GEN (Global Ecovillage Network), a truly global network which has other regional networks in Europe, Africa, North America and Oceania and Asia.

The vision of the network came from the growth and evolution of the ecological community movement in Latin America, with the development of several national networks who realized that an international network would be a logical next step to support the movement.

During CASA’s inception in Colombia, a group of representatives from over 10 countries (North, Central and South America) held many discussions and we could see the clear need for greater integration of our work to promote sustainability. Since the beginning Común Tierra has been deeply involved in this process, first in Colombia and now in the RIO+20 gathering with an even larger group, defining the next steps in the organizing process, integrating ongoing projects and co-creating the activities of the Network.


June 17 and 18 we met at the Nova Terra Village with more than 40 people for a (re) encounter and immersion where we shared reports from several countries already forming their respective national networks (Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Argentina). We spoke for the Eco Caravans, showing the video we recently released and a report on current nomadic projects.

At this meeting we defined four working groups in key organizational areas: Education, Communication, Resources, and Processes, defining needs and actions to take within each area.

Part of the CASA Working Group at the Nova Terra Village

A couple days later we had two meetings between CASA and GEN at GAIA HOME in the People’s Summit. The meetings brought together members and directors of CASA and GEN to work on strategies of integration between the two networks. Especially in the second gathering, we had a moment of great concentration and a lot of progress, where we defined several next steps to take towards participation at the World Ecovillage Gathering in July. This time we were a large group of about 60 people, and the activities ended with the singing of the hymn of CASA to celebrate!

Open Table: Working Group CASA and GEN

Besides these main events, several other meetings between small groups happened. We witnessed the intense motivation of participants from different countries in Latin America, with a large group from Brazil (the host country of the event). We could see that 6 months after its inception in Colombia, CASA is growing and evolving, helping to connect different projects and countries. We are pleased to be working together to co-create this process in an organic and integrated way ... it is a big and beautiful challenge: we feel that we are creating something really important, and are excited to see so many groups working together!



Común Tierra is focalizing the organization of Eco Caravan projects in Latin America. So in the last couple of months we gathered information from different projects and produced a video presenting the Eco Caravans to recognize ourselves as a movement.

We shared a report about the Eco Caravans and projected the video during our workshop at Gaia Home in the People’s Summit. It was nice to present our work as a group, and inspire people with the video, creating an identity as the continent's sustainable nomads, part of a movement that weaves the web of connections and information, pollinating sustainability throughout the lands.

Screening the Eco Caravan Video at the CASA meeting!

Photo: Marta Buchweitz


Although it is a big challenge, we believe this is crucially important and meaningful work for the sustainability movement in Latin America. First,for showing us just how many we are and how we are doing as a movement, recognizing that there are so many projects and growing networks that can be connected and supported. Second, because we are designing a participatory network, with a grassroots base and structure, bottom up, by people living in communities and sustainable projects, people who actually work in these areas and hold the knowledge grounded in reality. And thirdly, because to be sustainable we need to create structures more and more autonomous, interdependent and collaborative to learn from each other, share knowledge, resources and benefits, create sustainable "win-win" relationships for everyone.

We are co-creating this movement with cooperative structures to create the foundations for a sustainable future here in Latin America!

Photo: Tainá del Negri





To learn a bit more about CASA, visit: (website in construction)

If you want to PARTICIPATE in the construction of the network (most communication is in Spanish and some in Portuguese, sign up for a working group here).

Aho family!

Leticia and Ryan


  • José Ma- Alvizar Espinosa, dia Posted on December, 02 2012

    me parese muy interesante la convivencia -en la cual se estan desarrollando que importante poder participar- gracias

  • Letícia, dia Posted on September, 27 2012

    Gracias por la felicitación amigos! Sí es muy importante para proyectos como esos trabajar en Red y Cooperación así que vamos juntos! más info entren en www-casacontinental-org Saludos de amor

  • Angel Cereceda, dia Posted on September, 20 2012

    Admiro mucho lo que hacen- Me emociona mucho- Acabo de conocer a los de CASA en el XV encuentro de la Red de Ecoaldeas Iberoamericana- Mis mejores deseos-

  • rodrigo mendonca, dia Posted on July, 22 2012

    quero participar-

  • Micki, dia Posted on July, 11 2012

    Bravo! Building to bigger and still cooperative groups!

  • Shannen Badilla, dia Posted on July, 07 2012

    ma parece admirable el trabajo que hacen y es algo muy bello porque al ver las propuestas e imagenes se siente una vibra hermosa y mucha comunión y alegría-

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