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2 Years of Común Tierra!

Posted on August, 11 2012

What’s up Común Tierra family?

We write from Tumbaco, Ecuador, happy to share with you the celebration of 2 years of our project! It’s amazing how time passes and grows into a beautiful spiral!

It’s been an incredible journey since we began the trip in northern Mexico! Back before we could even imagine how our life on the road would really be, what it’s like to live in a Motorhome, before we could visualize what it would be like to travel this vast and beautiful continent ... and most importantly, without understanding the meaning of a life devoted to serving so many communities, and sharing it all with so many people ...

Photo of our first day in Minhoca!

We just knew we wanted to do it, with all our heart and soul and that no matter how things turned out, that would be our path. We had a plan to complete the whole trip in 2 years, but really you can never know what to expect from a life experience like this ...

And here we are two years later in Ecuador, having just a couple of days ago crossed the line that definitively puts us in the southern hemisphere! And knowing it will take a few more years to finish this route, we understand that in fact there is no end, because our ‘destination’ is the journey towards a more sustainable and communal life, and that's a life-long endeavor at least!

Crossing the equator into the southern hemisphere!

So here we are celebrating together with you! Común Tierra is going well, we are learning and teaching more and more, and our network of sustainable projects continues to grow and inspire us as we are embraced more each day by this beautiful continent!

We’d like to introduce you to a few new features of the website: we have a new Downloads section, an updated report on our mobile sustainability, a Video Channel on the website where you can watch all our videos, and a Travel Diary where we’ll be sharing more personal experiences during the trip.

The truth is we could never have imagined how happy and complete we are. We are getting to experience so many different movements of people working to live in balance with our PachaMama, and can feel our notion of family and community expanding to the entire continent!

That’s why, amidst the many challenges that we as a planet face right now, our hearts are full of love, hope and inspiration, because we know that there are ways forward, community-based solutions, a path towards Common Ground, our Común Tierra!

With love,
Leti and Ryan



  • Davi, dia Posted on August, 15 2012

    Volviendo al sur

  • Micki Luckey, dia Posted on August, 14 2012

    and you fill our hearts with hope love and inspiration! Congratulations to both of you!!

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