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We Are Feeling The Gratitude!!

Posted on July, 30 2014

We want to send a massive THANK YOU to our extended community who supports the Común Tierra Project in so many ways! We truly feel held by this web of support, and you are helping us make a dream come true!

We are sending huge appreciation to all the people who have donated in the last 2 years to support Común Tierra on our journey through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. We couldn’t do it without your support, and your contributions mean the world to us!

Thank you: Manya and Carol Bertram, Evelyne Faure, Simee Adhikari, Donna Luckey, Kesa Kivel, Teri Schlesinger, Nelson Myhand, Vicki and Richard, David, Aida Iszatt, Paul Kivel and Mary Luckey, Sergio and Regina Barcellos, Dana Kivel, Penny Rosenwasser 

Thank you to everyone who donated to our 2011 crowdfunding campaign, and all the people who have supported us throughout the whole project.

We also want to thank our sponsors and partners who have helped make Común Tierra possible:

Our huge thanks go out to DZ Estudio, our web designers who worked tirelessly to develop the Común Tierra website, and continue to update with new features and improvements on the fly. Thank you so much Davi, José Pedro, and the whole team!

A huge shout out also goes to Global Exchange, for their continued alliance and structural support of the project. Special thank you to Liza and all the other Global Exchange organizers working for a more just and sustainable world!

A special thank you goes to the Brazilian Ministry of Culture for supporting us financially, and so many other important cultural and social projects.

Another special thank you goes to PIEX, and their founder Alexandre Pigatto, for believing in and supporting the project in the very beginning!

We’ve also had the support of a great crew of product sponsors providing some of our basic needs during the trip…

Thank you:

Blue Gold for Life for our excellent water filtration system!

Guayaki for providing yerba mate to keep us fueled up on the road!

Health Force Nutritionals for the amazing superfood products!

To-Go Ware for the awesome picnic kits and bamboo silverware!

Elemental Herbs for your outstanding organic skincare products!

Familia Cecchin for your wonderful Biodynamic Wines and Juices!

Our love and appreciate also go out to our extended community, who through conversations, friendships, meals shared, skills shared, music and poetry, and your own actions and activism, inspire us every day and nourish our souls!

Our work with Común Tierra is entirely voluntary. Our project has a low cost and high impact, constantly producing materials that directly benefit our website visitors from over 200 countries, plus all of the people we meet and share educational experiences with on the road. And we do it out of the belief that we can and are making a difference in the lives of people and communities.

To continue the project, we need to continue to raise money to support the daily costs of the project on the ground.

You can make this possible! Make a donation! Let’s keep building the world we want for all!

We look forward to broadening this circle, and continuing to build this global community!

With love and gratitude,

Ryan and Leticia


Living in abundance does not just mean having, but also requires sharing. In sharing what we have and what we know with those around us, we are showing solidarity, building community, and improving our quality of life.

Living in community is about consciously embedding ourselves deeper into the web of interdependence with life on the planet, and it is in relationship and responsibility to that web of life that we ourselves are able to flourish and thrive.

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