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Passupreto Imagería: Documenting popular culture in Brasil and now Uruguay!

Posted on November, 06 2015

One of the coolest things that happens when you are traveling is when you meet other travellers on the road, and then by surprise find them again in an entirely different place! That's exaxctly what happened with our friends Tainá and Bruno, Brazilian friends from the nomadic project Passupreto Imagería, who travel by bicycle producing and sharing audio-visual materials about local and popular culture al expression in the places they pass through.

We had first met Tainá in the 2012 Call of the Mountain gathering in Colombia, and then met her again during the Rio+20 events in Rio de Janeiro. And now, a new meeting in a new country: Uruguay!

From left to right: Tainá, Leticia, Bruno and Ryan


We had a great time sharing stories from roads travelled, and about those we have yet to travel, and above all, getting to see firsthand the work the duo is doing to document is spread the popular culture of Brasil, and now Uruguay. 

To leave you with a little Passupreto flavor, we chose one of our favorite videos to share with you below. This clip documents the ceremonial washing of a staircase in a public plaza of Campinas, in the state of São Paulo. This annual event takes places during the Easter week, called 'Semana Santa' - check it out: 


To see more videos, images, and music, check out their blog: 

Nomadic greetings from Uruguay! 

Ryan and Leti

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