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Time Bank in Florianopolis: First communal gathering

Posted on October, 14 2016


Have you heard about time banks? There's a new one sprouting up in Florianopolis! Sound strange? It's actually a simple and radical alternative economic strategy for building community and decreasing dependency on money.

Basically a Time Bank is a platform for the trading of services (and in some cases products, although the primary product is Time and therefore the Time Bank is more service oriented). A key tenet of the Time Bank is that everyone's time is valued equally, so one hour of a doctor's visit is the same as one hour of massage, which is the same as an hour of help in your garden or kitchen. Another key tenet is that money cannot be exchange during any Time Bank interaction.

Time Banks have proven to be successful in many parts of the world, and are a dynamic part of an emerging new economic paradigm. And at the heart of these communities is the realization that our time is the most valuable resource we have!

The Florianopolis Time Bank began a few months ago, but recently began to really be implemented. That meant it was time to organize an event to bring participants together to meet each other, talk about the Time Bank and of course, spend some time together. It was an opportunity for all participants to give some of their time to each other, offering a yoga class, healing therapies, bamboo-pyramid play structure buliding, art, music, and other activities.


We participated by offering some icebreakers and getting-to-know-the-group dynamics, facilitating an opening and closing. It was fun!

Some large group dynamics



The whole event was really nice! We are seeing that here in Florianopolis there is a growing alternative movement, and the Time Bank could become an important intersection of people and groups. It makes us all feel rich, as we recognize our own talents and the talents of the community, and the abundance of time that we can "spend" together!


We want to thank all of the organizers, especially Geovana and Gilberto. Below is a link to a video from the day produced by TV Vento Sul:

We've been using the time bank a lot, organizing several trades and connections. It's great to have some savings in the most valuable bank of all: the Time Bank!

With gratitude -

Leti, Ryan and Anahí


  • Alicia, dia Posted on February, 08 2017

    Excelente esfuerzo

  • Renan Malassise , dia Posted on November, 28 2016

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