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News from Común Tierra!

Posted on January, 21 2017
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Temascal at Ecovila São José Temascal at Ecovila São José

Hola familia!

We've got some news to share! After a more internal period of our lives, living in Florianópolis, becoming parents, etc, we've organized the next course for our lives: we are going to live in Bahia, Brazil !!

With the growth of our nuclear family, we are feeling the need to settle down and start a fixed project in a local territory, something we always envisioned doing. After weighing our options, we decided to move to Serra Grande, Bahia, a fertile region with a history of activists and ecologists acting in the area. (more about this later!)

Minhoca getting ready for the move...

While our new projects materialize there, we are entering a new phase of Común Tierra: we will be gathering our experience during all these years of documenting communities, continuing to edit some more materials, and offering some workshops locally.



A big part of our work is going to shift towards the production of the Común Tierra Book! The book will share lessons learned and stories from our 6 years on the road in Latin America, our trip in Europe, and maybe even a little from Africa and the USA. We're going to tell our story, starting in 2008 when we met living in the Esalen Institute, in California.

Esalen, 2008

Esalen, 2009.

We'll be sharing some of the adventures of Común Tierra, the experience of developing this nomadic project, and traveling constantly while working with education, permaculture, doing workshops ... living in a motor home and adapting it to be more sustainable ... our educational materials, eco- journalism, working to build networks. But we'll also be taking a broad look at the Ecovillage movement in general, and offering our insights for the movement moving forward.

Stay tuned for updates about the book . :)



Some news at the local level: a few days ago, Común Tierra offered a practical workshop for the leadership team of the Florianopolis Time Bank, as part of a mentorship partnership. It was a fruitful workshop! You can learn more about the Time Bank here.

Dream Circle...

Común Tierra with our new workshop leader, Anahí!


Also in the last month, we documented the spiritual community and ecovillage Ecovila Sao Jose in Florianopolis. It's a very interesting project, founded almost 30 years ago, with around 100 residents in a beautiful area on the north side of the island. We'll be producing a video-interview with one of the community's founders soon!


Ceremonial Center of the Community

Anahí and Letícia walking around the site




Now we're preparing for the move, packing boxes into Minhoca, getting ready to hit the road after almost a year parked here on the island. In early Febuary we'll travel the 3000 km to Bahia! Happy travels ;)

Hugs from the whole family -

Leticia, Anahí, Ryan


  • Sangeeta, dia Posted on May, 22 2017

    Gracias familia que hermoso proyecto de vida- Bendiciones soy parte de la Caravanaporlapazylarestauraciondelamadretierra-org un laboratorio escuela itinerante que se usa asi mismo como plataforma de encuentro entre iniciativas sustentables de los territorios por los que vamos pasando- si quieren ver mas estamos en Facebook ademas del sitio web e instagram- Despues de 90 dias de viaje hasta la Patagonia nos preparamos para subir por el Norte de Chile hasta Majico el 2018 hemos llegado a ser casi 50 caravaneros subiendo y bajando-compartiendo Talleres de apoyo a la sustentabilidad y la sanacion haciendo voluntariado y compartiendo nuestros tres pilares Danzas de Paz Universal Kirtan cantos devocionales de India0 y Agni Hotra o terapia Homa- Ademas llevamos Yoga Meditacion Danza Arte Sonoterapiay tecnologias como Dragon dreaming conversatorios etcQue rico conocerlos ojala podamos apoyarnos mutuamente en el proposito de aportar nuestro grano de arena por un Mundo sustentable pacifico y amoroso- ABRAZOS a los tres!

  • Lorena Morales Arrieta, dia Posted on March, 18 2017

    gracias hermanitos de luz! son mi inspiracion buenas vibras familia!! un abrazo lleno de amor

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