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Natural Building and Murals from Peru to Brazil!

Posted on March, 08 2018

Over the last few days we have had the privilege of hosting 2 dear friends visiting from Peru: Javier Bonifaz, arquitect and natural builder with many years of experience, founder of Tikabamba, and Filipa Falcão, originally from Portugal, current resident of Tikabamba and natural cosmetics specialist.

Presentation on Natural Building and Architecture in Peru

We organized a free session with Javier for Serra Grande locals to see some of his work. His presentation included some tips on designing and building with natural materials, especially adobes, the ancestral buliding material of the Sacred Valley of Peru. We also watched short films about Permaculture and Natural 3D Murals. Needless to say, the community loved the presentation!


The Eagle and Condor come together in a mural for our house!

(foto: Irina Biletska)

Javier has become a specialist in 3D murals, using cob to sculpt forms onto a surface and then natural earth tones and paints to bring diverse forms to life. His murals incorporate ancient symbols from Andean cultures as well as animals, plants and deities. Ever since we saw his work first hand in our visit to Tikabamba in 2012, we knew that one day when we built our own house, we wanted to have the blessings of a mural like that in our house.

The mural was inspired by the journey of Común Tierra and our history, and designed by Javier. The main image of the mural is a spiral formed by an Eagle and a Condor
, embracing in the center, and opening out into landscapes in daylight and moonlight, with dancers and musicians on either side. Some ancestral symbols were used to decorate the Condor and Eagle, as well as in the area around.


Here you can watch a short video about the mural:

It was truly a blessing that Javier was scheduling a tour in Brasil, and that we could organize a brief visit here in Serra Grande.

(foto: Irina Biletska)

Maybe this rainbow that appeared the other day is a actually a magical bridge connecting the coast of Bahia to the Sacred Valley of Peru?

Take care - Ryan, Leti and Anahí

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