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Posted on March, 21 2013 by Leticia Rigatti
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The audience for our Común Tierra Cinema nights! The audience for our Común Tierra Cinema nights!
Flyer for our Dances of Universal Peace workshop Flyer for our Dances of Universal Peace workshop

Hello Earth Family!

Happy Solstice! I'm writing from Mallasa, just south of La Paz, watching the sunset reflected in the beautiful Andes mountains ...

In recent weeks we have taken a short break from the project visits, having more days of internalization. We are taking time to be quiet, meditate, reflect and renew our vision ... It is very important to do this from time to time, as the constantly traveling lifestyle doens't always have the space for reflection.

It's been really nice to have time to take care of our house, paint more walls inside and outside Minhoca, and make new recipes ... Also we have been organizing our materials and editing several of the videos that we have accumulated during the trip ... so we are at a more leisurely pace, because the nomads vacation is to stop traveling! 

Happy about our new wheat grass sprouter that we have been harvesting for green juice!

One of the interesting places we've visited during our time here in La Paz is the Casa Espejo (House of Mirrors), a cultural center that hosts many different activities including art exhibits and workshops, cinema, yoga classes, workshops on health, ecology, etc.

We hosted two nights of ECOnscious Film Screenings at Casa Espejo, showing some of our short films and talking about life as an eco-caravan. 

Both evenings were very nice with curious group of mostly Paceños (people from La Paz) and some travelers who happened to be in town. It's always fun to show our films, especially in the cities, where many people do not know much about the expanding permaculture and ecovillage movements.

We also hosted a workshop of Dances of Universal Peace

It was beautiful to create the space for the dances, especially because we are entering the path of dance leadership, so it is new and exciting. Even though it was a rainy Sunday, we had a nice group of Danzantes! Everything went so well that we actually forgot to take pictures... but here's one at the end of the workshop:

Many thanks to all the participants!  

To learn more about the Dances of Universal Peace, see our last blog post.

We'll be doing some more events in the coming weeks, including a Seed Exchange at the Bio Achocalla organic market, and more workshops at Casa Espejo. So check the schedule of events ... and for those living far away, more pictures coming!

We're in the middle of hassle with bureaucracy, permissions and visas to extend our stay in Bolivia ... it's a long story, as usual.

We always want to stay longer in the country than is normally allowed... and the Customs never want to let us ... they don't understand that we move at Minhoca speed! So ... fingers crossed that everything will work out!

With much love,


  • regina ramires barcellos, dia Posted on March, 24 2013

    Muito feliz em ver vcs realizando seus sonhos-Melhor seria dizendo organizando seus sonhos-rsrs Esero ansiamente a tua volta Filha Querida- Te amo muito-Boa sorte e uma ótima viagem para o Ryan vou sentir falta dele tbmb eijo

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