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The Joy of Organic Markets

Posted on April, 25 2013 by Letícia Rigatti
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Enjoying some soup at the end of the market! Enjoying some soup at the end of the market!
Delicious pumpkin trading! Delicious pumpkin trading!
Trading seeds! Trading seeds!
Germinated Açaí seeds for planting! Que delícia!! Germinated Açaí seeds for planting! Que delícia!!

One of the most fun parts of our trip for me are when we take our Común Tierra materials and seeds to the organic markets (or even when we are just visiting to buy organic produce, always a treat!). It's such a joy to be in the company of the organic farmers and producers who are deeply connected to the Earth, who labor with love (and without poisons!), who are committed to their work and know their own value ... I usually say that an organic farmer has in his/her heart a tranquility that few have ... it's just a wonderful presence.

As I am in Brazil for a visit, today I participated in an organic market here in Porto Alegre, close to where my parents live, where many campesinos come to sell their goods,  sinos, many of them living in MST settlements. An engaged public, and an incredible productivity of organic goodness... what fun!

So in the album above you can see a few pictures from the market...


And on we go, SEEDING the new culture!!

With love,



  • Paula moscato, dia Posted on April, 26 2013

    Hola Me gusta mucho el trabajo que hacen y el mensaje que difunden- Estaría interesante que leguen a la Argentina-Los esperamos!!!!!

  • Andy, dia Posted on April, 26 2013

    Hola Leti me alegro mucho que estes haciendo cosas tan buenas para el mundo!!!! Con gente como tu hay mas posibilidades de salvar al tierra Besos desde Barcelona Osea

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