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A Soundtrack of crickets and tropical pajaritos

Posted on September, 01 2013 by Ryan
anterior proxima
Leticia meditating in the spectacular orchidarium of the Biocentro Guembe, Bolivia Leticia meditating in the spectacular orchidarium of the Biocentro Guembe, Bolivia
One of our neighbors One of our neighbors
Another beautiful neighbor... Another beautiful neighbor...

After sleeping in the madness of downtown Santa Cruz de la Sierra, it's a wonderful relief to relax listening to the crickets and a variety of birds, including toucans, parrots, and more. We are camped here at the Biocentro Guembe, just outside of the city... so close, yet so far ... Aaaaaaaahhhh ....

We are back in Minhoca after a visit to Brazil ... returning to Bolivia just in time to leave the country, since our vehicle permit (let's say Minhoca's visa) expires this week. There are still regions of Bolivia we would like to visit, but we'll have to leave for another time.

And looking ahead, we are arriving in the real South! We have always looked at the map, wondering how it will be when we got "down there" ... it seemed so far away, and it was so far away, actually ... but now we are approaching.

The longest journey begins with a single step ... and step by step we are building the path.

It you are in the South, we'll see you at the Third Argentinian Permaculture Gathering in October.

Appreciating the nocturnal orchestra of nature, good night to everyone ...



  • regina ramires barcellos, dia Posted on September, 02 2013

    Muita paz e muita alegria na saida da Bolivia logo esgtarei juntinho de vcs Com muita saudades mas feliz por vcs meus Lindosamo demais

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