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A day in the life of Común Tierra!

Posted on October, 28 2013 by Letícia Rigatti
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Minhoca on the road (kicking up dust!) Minhoca on the road (kicking up dust!)
Making sauerkraut! Making sauerkraut!

One thing that makes me happy living a nomadic ecological lifestyle is ... diversity! The freedom to do different things all the time, practice different skills with different people, learn new things and learning to be flexible. So many lessons on ecology, so much connection with the Earth ... These were my thoughts when I decided to upload some photos of a day in the of Común Tierra!

Today we are leaving a sweet project called Granjardín, where Jorge, Claudia and their friends have been practicing permaculture for over 20 years. We're finally leaving after spending a week there, giving workshops to students with special needs, part of an educational program and a local school project. We also hosted a night of 'Cine Solar' to show a few of our films, plus a party to celebrate Ryan's birthday!

So, whats a day in the life of Común Tierra?



MORNING - Morning is for organizing the house, getting everything ready for the road. Last minute seed exchanging, leaving Kombuchas and fermented recipes with Claudia, receiving some medicinal teas ... Then we made some tests in our solar energy system with our friend Tonchi (seems like everything is all good), made plans with Tonchi to build a solar oven in a few days, plus we made some repairs and new painting in our dry toilet and bathroom ...

LUNCH - For a farewell lunch we had delicious organic vegetables from Granjardín,  celebrating with our dear friends Claudia and Jorge, founding partners of the project.

AFTERNOON - (During the Mendoza 'siesta' (nap) hours ... ) We head out to find a place to camp for a few days to catch up on work, and to make some additional repairs in the house. We also need to make plans and think about the logistics for the next few months (Traveling and working requires a lot of logistics!)

After crossing the city of Mendoza, we climbed a bit above the city towards the mountain, made camp, and ended the afternoon making a delicious sauerkraut, plus a list of other fermented foods we want to make this week (we're also thinking about organizing a workshop here!)

NIGHT - After a bit of work on the web, we ended the day with a delicious dinner of Brazilian tapiocas!


What I'm most excited about in this search for a healthy nomadic lifestyle is to live life as fully, engaging and diverse as possible, so that I never get bored of my routine, because I have always new things to learn and it's fun! I feel that I am learning to approach life in a more integral way, leaving everything more dynamic and full of colors!

I don't have to suffer to "be green," but exercise creativity to find solutions ... not complaining about "people who don't change", but look for ways to improve relationships, to be flexible and learn about myself ... It's not that "I have to do a physical activity", but that my yoga energizes me every morning, and I get to work with and learn from farmers and builders in these beautiful projects we visit ... It's not that "I have to eat vegetables," but that I can craft delicious and colorful recipes (germinating sprouts, fermenting, etc) ... It's not that "I have to eat organic," but that I see the natural cycle of seed to plant to seed, and feel the real taste of freshly harvested food ... and it's definately not having to "lose the comfort of home", but rather learning to be comfortable connected with nature, with all its flavors and textures, breathing fresh air and feeling one with the PachaMama ... which is truly a huge house! And of course it's not "I have to work", instead I do what I love, finding how it can be most useful for the world, something I'm always learning!

This is a paradigm shift : being the change you wish to see in the world is to live putting in practice what you believe, and staying open to learn from every moment! And it nurtures the spirit! That for me is true freedom, to do what I want with all my love! Something you can't buy, you just do!

So I had a moment of inspiration and motivation today, a little reflection that gives me energy to keep moving ... so I had to share!



Sat chi Ananda



  • Francisco, dia Posted on December, 25 2013

    Oi Letícia e companheiro Seu estilo de vida é meu sonho de consumo adorei vcs- Estou em vias de fazer um tour e estou aprendendendo muito aqui- Espero q estejam muito bem[sei q estao] e continuem postando- Vcs sao minha inspiraçao- Forte abraço

  • Coradina Dill, dia Posted on October, 29 2013

    Sempre sonhei em ter esta vida adoro acho lindo o que vocês fazem

  • regina, dia Posted on October, 29 2013

    Realmente esta mensagem faz refletir sobre o q levamos desta vida- Pensar no nosso bem estar no bem estar sermos felizes conseguimos fazer todos felizesamo vcs

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