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Crossing from Chile to Argentina: Minhoca meets the snow!

Posted on May, 22 2014



We're here to share some news from life on the road: we crossed the border from Chile to Argentina! After 3.5 months in Chile, we are back in Argentina! On the way we passed over 4200 meters of altitude (13,800 feet) on a curvy highway known to locals as 'Los Caracoles' (the snails) ... The English translation doesn't really make sense, so just check out this picture below:

We took this photo from the site diariomotor just to show the curves... 

Good thing we had an expert driver :)

Minhoca, who handled the drive incredibly well, show the snow up close for the first time! Truly a historic moment  :) ... In this photo we are about to enter the tunnel that marks the border between the two countries, about 2 miles long.

This is one excited tropical woman! (Not much snow in Brazil :) ) Not to mention the cold! 

So we are back in the region of Mendoza, Argentina. It's the first time in 4 years travelling that we return for a second time to a country, and it's nice to see our friends. This weekend we will be participating in the Mendoza Permaculture Convergence, information here.

With love,



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