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Argentina: Another day on the Road

Posted on November, 19 2014 by Leticia Rigatti

Another day on the Road: We arrived to the Pampa. The road was quiet, 6.5 hours.  We bought a box of strawberries from a farmer on the side of the road that will take three days to process and we'll have jam all summer. I need some horsetail (the herb) and we are watching along the road to collect on the way.  We slept in Minhoca in a gas station parking lot, and now I'm working hidden among trucks that manuveur in the lot and some dogs barking at the night. Here in my idiosyncrasy, co-designing a thousand different projects to co-create the new world with so many people in different places, and with free wifi from the restaurant across the way. 

But what matters most right now is that I'm doing the most important thing that will change the future of our lives: MY FIRST SOURDOUGH BREAD! It will keep growing tomorrow as we drive below the same sun that provides the energy for my computer to write this. Other current kitchen projects include sauerkraut, kombucha, ginger ale and wheatgrass... Mmmm!!! 

(sometimes I reflect why I sign up for so many socio-environmental-political-artivist initiatives when in the end I would really like to be a natural foods teacher, dancer and muralist!)

:) Leticia


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