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The New Story Summit, Findhorn, Scotland

27/09/2014 - 04/10/2016
Comunidades Sustentáveis

The New Story Summit “Inspiring Pathways for our Planetary Future” is a conference/gathering in the Findhorn community that will bring together many activists to share the stories that are co-creating a new planetary culture. The event's organization is deeply based on the principle of the 'Gift Economy,' and will serve to offer inspiration and platform to share these stories with the world. 

This gathering has a special significance for Común Tierra, as it was our initial motivation in organizing this Europe Tour: With an invitation from the Findhorn Foundation to participate (sponsoring the travel costs for Leticia), the New Story Summit brought us the idea to make this tour possible. Our infinite gratitude! During the event we will be sharing our own stories and learning from so many others who are changing the world. We'll also be supporting the documentation team during the gathering. 

For more information, visit the New Story Summit website

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