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Uma Exploração de Comunidades Sustentáveis na América Latina.

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  • Argentinian Television, Tierra Viva Program

    Interview for Argentinian Television - July 2014.

  • Eco Rede Social: Inspiring Project Documents and Shares Sustainable Living in Latin America

    Material Published in the Eco Rede Social portal, Brasil 11/04/2014

    Take a look!

  • Esfinge Magazine: Exploring a Sustainable America

    A report about Común Tierra in the Esfinge Magazine, Spain - Abril/2014

    Esfinge goes out to 75,000 subscribers in Spain and Latin America.  Here's a link to    read online.

  • Rádio Uco: An Interview with Común Tierra

    Interview for Rádio Uco, in La Consulta, Argentina - 30/11/2013

  • Rádio La Consulta: An Interview with Común Tierra

    Interview for La Consulta Radio, in La Consulta, Mendoza, Argentina - 30/11/2013

  • Zero Hora: Roots Here and in the World

    A report on the front page of the Zero Hora Menino Deus newspaper - Porto Alegre, Brasil 27/06/2013

  • Correio do Povo: On the Road Towards Sustainability

    An article in the Correio do Povo newspaper - Porto Alegre, Brasil - 10/06/2013

  • TVCom: An Interview with Letícia Rigatti about Sustainable Communities

    An interview on the program Tudo Mais, channel: TV Com - Porto Alegre, Brasil.

    To watch the complete interview, click below: 

  • TVE Radar: A report about Común Terra and Interview with Letícia Rigatti

    Leticia Rigatti and Común Tierra featured on TVE Radar, Porto Alegre, Brasil - 03/06/2013


  • Portal Natura: Sustainable Communities in Latin America

    Published on the web portal Natura Ekos, América Latina, 08/04/2013.

    Read the article in this link.

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