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Uma Exploração de Comunidades Sustentáveis na América Latina.

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  • Brazilian Ministry of Culture

    Brazilian Ministry of Culture

    The Ministry of Culture of Brazil (in Portuguese, Ministério da Cultura – MinC), through the National Cultural Fund, realizes the Cultural Exchange and Diffusion Grant that supports Brazilian people and projects to realize cultural, artistic, educational and ecological activities and to share their work in other countries. 

Be a sponsor of the Común Tierra Project and help us offer this service to the world! If you want to support change-makers building a sustainable culture, let's work together! To create a mutually beneficial partnership with us, make contact with Ryan: [email protected]


  • DZ Estúdio

    DZ Estúdio

    The DZ Estúdio, our partner in web-design, is a digital media agency in Porto Alegre, Brazil that provides services for online communication. Just 6 years old, the company has already gained major clients, and several awards in excellency including “Top Marketing Revelation” from ADVB in 2009.

  • Global Exchange

    Global Exchange

    The Común Tierra Project is fiscally sponsored by Global Exchange, an important NGO based in San Francisco, CA, that focuses on both local and worldwide human rights and environmental justice campaigns. With over 20 years of experience in educational campaigns and community organizing, Global Exchange provides fundamental organization and infrastructural support for the project.

  • CASA - The Council of Sustainable Settlements of the Americas

    CASA - The Council of Sustainable Settlements of the Americas

    CASA is a growing network of Sustainable Community Projects throughout Latin America, that seeks to articulate and support regional and national networks who promote, form, investigate and share sustainable and regenerative ways of life.

  • GEN - The Global EcoVillage Network

    GEN - The Global EcoVillage Network

    The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) is a growing network of sustainable communities and initiatives that bridge different cultures, countries, and continents. GEN works to support existing and new ecovillage projects around the world, and to connect people and projects to work towards a sustainable culture on Earth. GEN is connected to CASA in Latin America.


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